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Real financing strategies for real estate investors that work in the REAL world.

Pine Financial Group, Inc is the premier lender for real estate investors in Colorado, Minnesota and the Washington, D.C. area. With an extensive background in alternative financing sources, Pine Financial Group can help you close your next deal.

Let’s face it: as real estate investors we are faced with some unique challenges in today’s market. Financing is tougher and tougher to get and investors are getting squeezed out of the market. Rates are down and home prices are down, but how do we take advantage if we can’t get loans? If you want to make money in this business, you need to get your arms around the financing. Why go at it alone? Why not put a proven professional on your team?

Here are just some of the ways we can help you make money in this business:

Rehab loans: We have private money available to help you with your next rehab project. We are one of very few fully licensed and insured companies lending in Colorado, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C. today. We are also one of even fewer that actually has a steady flow of money to loan out. We can loan you the purchase price plus loan you the money for the repairs on your next project.

IRA Loans: Did you know you can make loans or buy property in your IRA and never pay taxes on the gains? Did you know you can actually finance properties that you buy in your IRA? It is required that these loans be non recourse, meaning you cannot be personally liable. For this reason it is a very difficult loan to find. We offer a non-recourse IRA loan to fix and flip properties in your IRA.

Conventional Loans: Because of the current lending environment we are no longer offering conventional loans. We do have a solid network of conventional lenders and would be happy to give you a referral. Please contact our office for assistance.

Portfolio Loans: A portfolio lender loans their own money and keeps the loan in their portfolio. Because these loans do not get sold, they do not fall under the Fannie/Freddie guidelines. Ever wonder how someone can own more than 4 properties? These lenders also do loans in a business name (never shows up on your personal credit report), they can do several properties in one loan (known as a blanket loan), and they can finance an unlimited number of properties. Pine Financial Group, Inc has relationships with several local portfolio lenders that we can refer.

Education and Consultations: Most consultations are free if we are working on a loan together. We also meet at least once per month and have FREE education classes. Visit our events page for more information.

We want to be on your team and help you be successful.
Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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